Architectural 3D Visualization:

Lotuz always notices the combining of sophistication of architectural design and particular usability. Our focus is on keeping the technical correctness of all 3D models under strict control with the use of the best existing 3D software for architectural modeling and visualization.

Architectural 3D Modeling:

By using flexibility and modern 3D modeling and rendering software, we warrant that your project has highly informative. We apply advanced software for such modeling including AutoCAD, Sketchup, Revit, or 3Ds Max which enables precise measurements and realistic architectural visualization for informed decision-making on projects.

3D Floor Plan Modeling:

Using Sketchup, 3Ds Max, and other 3D modeling, rendering software plus the highly creative and professional artists we want you to have a great 3D Floor Plan in your project. Even it just a little input data, we can make it realistic, high-quality, and interactive property 3D floor plans.